Friday, August 8, 2014

Ellie is 5!

Hard to believe Ellie turned 5 last weekend. There are so many adjectives I could use to describe her these days: funny, dramatic, loud, sweet, smart, energetic and talkative... just to name a few.
Here are the 5 things to know about Ellie:
1. She's 37.7 pounds and 42 inches, according to the measurements from her kindergarten physical this week. That puts her in the 40th percentile-ish for both height and weight. She loves to eat... all the time... but it works out because she almost never stops moving :)
2. She loves singing, especially the Frozen songs and Little Mermaid. She does it with gusto. She's pretty great.
3. She loves reading. This girl even reads some books to us. OK, mostly she reads the books she has memorized, but she is starting to be able to sound out words.
4. Ellie might not always admit it, but she loves her sister. They are like peas in a pod during play time. And she loves to boss her little sister around left and right. She is over the moon for Charlie, too. And he gives her some of the biggest smiles he has whenever she comes over to play in his face.
5. Brian and I joke about how tough Ellie is for us to handle much of the time. She's got A LOT of energy, she argues with almost everything we say and she is a bit of a troublemaker... in other words, she's what I remember being as a child. Brian was guilty of most of that, too. So we've got some karma on our hands. But I also hope, and expect, that Ellie is going to channel all of these traits into so many positive attributes as she gets older. She's so smart and funny. She's really amazing. We love her so.