Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun run?

After building the anticipation all week for Ellie's participation in her first kids "fun run" this past Saturday, the whole thing fell spectacularly apart. We're not quite sure what happened. Ellie was very excited as she lined up at the start line with Brian (while I parked down the road with Katie to get pics)... but by the time the starting horn sounded Ellie burst into tears and decided not to run. We couldn't get an explanation, but I'm guessing she was either overtired at that point or the horn scared her. I couldn't help taking a couple pictures anyway because who among us hasn't felt like crying during exercise time, right?

At least we got a decent family shot before the race :) Brian was plenty sweaty because he ran 6 miles before start time (to squeeze in his weekend distance despite our busy schedule)... and then he pushed the stroller while I ran near the front of the pack and got a new PR! Beat my last 5K time by about 90 seconds. Woo-hoo!

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