Thursday, January 24, 2013


Ellie has been cracking us up these days with both her commentary on everyday happenings and the phrasing she uses.

For example, instead of saying that she smells things she always says she smells "like" (fill in the blank). We correct it sometimes but usually just laugh and move on. I enjoyed her selling out Brian the other day when she walked in the kitchen where he was working and announced: "I smell like toot."

Ellie also thinks that she'll be a baby again some day. She'll talk about how she'll get to do things when she's older... Her recent job prospects have included bus driver, train driver or simply "be Aunt Sandy." But she also sees Katie doing baby things and tells us how she's going to have us feed her or play with baby toys when she's a baby.

Other favorite phrases from Ellie these days:

"Holy moly!"
"No way" or "Yes way" (instead saying 'No/Yes'... which makes her frequent moodiness only a bit less annoying...)
"May I please..." (when she's feeling polite)

Love our spunky little girl!

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