Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Katie: 14 months

 These action shots sum up Katie's on-the-move attitude these days. She is always trying to check things out and get into mischief. She's still not walking, per se, but she cruises a lot holding on to stuff. She probably doesn't see the need for walking because she's so dang fast when crawling. I'm sure she'll get there.
Katie's got about 3.5 teeth now, and she's drooling like crazy as more are coming in. She is still partial to fruits and veggies, though this past week she is also loving cereal with milk as a bedtime snack.
She's talkative and happy, especially when "playing" with Ellie (or meddling in Ellie's stuff). Love our little Katie :)

(*Note: Katie got in here herself, and Ellie gave her the dog bowls and then closed the crate door. She then proceeded to "feed" Katie dog treats — aka, plastic magnets from the fridge — through the sides of the crate. Please do not forward this image to DCS...)

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