Thursday, June 6, 2013

Convo with Ellie

Little Miss Ellie is keeping us on our toes these days.... has been for some time, to be honest.
She's helping me write this post, actually

Mom: What's your favorite thing to do these days?
Ellie: Umm, eat popcorn.
Mom: Who is your favorite friend at school?
Ellie: Jordan!!
Mom: Why?
Ellie: Because I like Jordan.
Mom: What is your favorite game to play?
Ellie: Barn game.
Mom: What's your favorite thing about our new house?
Ellie: We have a purple room!!

...But just today when we were pulling into the garage, Ellie said to me: "Mom, we have a cool yard."

Dad: What's your favorite color?
Ellie: Green ... and orange!
Dad: What's your favorite food?
Ellie: I like pa'sghetti!

Now she's tickling Katie mercilessly. Gotta go.

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