Thursday, September 4, 2014

Charlie: 4&5 months

Poor third child Charlie must settle for a combo 4-5 month post... but I'm getting it in before he turns 6 months! (Love this little fella more than words, just can't keep up with life right now!)
Most significant development from Charlie in July was his baptism on July 6. 
He gets 4 godparents: Ben, Candice and Maggie and Chris. 
And, of course, sisters were there to cheer him on at the ceremony at St. Peter's. We were also lucky enough to have family in from St. Louis.
Had to include this picture of cousin Ila holding Charlie... mostly because it's SO unlike him. Our little man is still so happy and smiley 99 percent of the time. I think at this moment during the baptism weekend, he'd simply reached the end of his rope :)
Charging on to August, Charlie made his first trip to Whitecap and enjoyed the box below (while mom and dad enjoyed its contents).
 He loves, loves his exersaucer and is so good at standing (with some support). Did I mention his killer smile?
 And the hair. He's always just a split second from having a mohawk or some other crazy 'do.
 Finally, Charlie made his first trip to the pool in August. He cheered Ellie on as she went off the diving board for the first time... but he mostly lounged on the deck and worked on avoiding any sort of tan or sun exposure.
Our little man is getting big too fast, just like the girls did. He laughs, he says "dada," he snorts (a lot), he's had a cold since birth, he must be teething since he constantly chews those fingers... and he makes us so happy every single day.

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