Monday, July 12, 2010

11 months

Even though Ellie is now 11 months and 9 days old... I realized I still need put in her monthly update! We've been on vacation for the past week and I took a break from the computer. Lots to share after a whole week away, but I'll start with her top 10 list for her final month of Year One.
Here's what Ellie is up to these days...
  • 1. SO close to walking. She's definitely mastered the whole crawling thing. And she's pulling herself up all over the place. Ellie keeps trying to straighten up while in the middle of the room, but she's not quite there yet. Any day now.
  • 2. Standing without holding on. She can do this for about 10 seconds or so, but is still wobbly. Aren't we all sometimes, though?
  • 3. Sporting her first top tooth. I'd guess from her fussy demeanor this past week that more are on the way. Her first top tooth finally popped through last week. It's so cute!
  • 4. Eating (trying to eat) pretty much everything. Only food restrictions for Ellie these days are on nuts, seafood and some dairy. It's really fun watching her try new things. Recent favorites are peaches, cinnamon raisin toast and bagel with cream cheese. Recent failures on the "new food" front include melon, blueberries and Life cereal. Her tastes seem to change daily, so we'll keep trying a variety of foods and see what sticks.
  • 5. Feeding the puppies.... This one is not positive. Brian and I are working on our first discipline of Ellie. Well, we're trying to work on it. Ellie has developed a bad habit of dropping food over the side of her chair so she can watch the dogs eat it. Radar and Muzzy are not complaining, but it's not behavior we want to encourage. I don't know if Ellie understands "no" yet, but she's certainly not listening if she does. It's hard not to laugh when we sternly correct this behavior with a couple sharp no's, and Ellie's eyes get really big while she slowly slides her hand back over the edge of her tray and drops the next bit of food to the floor. We're definitely not getting through.... but we'll keep trying I guess.
  • 6. Stranger anxiety. Ellie is very sad these days when she's in almost anyone's arms other than mom or dad. We understand it's a phase, but it's hard not to be able to share her with more family members and friends who just want to give her some love. Hopefully the phase will pass soon.
  • 7. Dancing. Ellie loves to bounce and "get down" whenever one of her toys plays music. It's adorable.
  • 8. Splashing... or trying to. Ellie has always been a big fan of water, which makes bath time a lot of fun. But her new obsession is the dogs' water dish. If she's anywhere on the first floor of the house, she'll quickly head toward the mat where it sits in the kitchen. We almost always get to the water first and set it out of reach, but she's had a splash party a couple times.
  • 9. Sleeping in funny positions. It used to be that Ellie never varied from sleeping flat on her back. But now she's clearly moving around the crib at night and winding up in some odd poses. We finally added her bumper to the crib after finding her feet/legs sticking through the sides a few mornings. Just this morning, we found her sleeping on her front, with her knees tucked under. It looked like she got up in the middle of the night and started to crawl and then just passed back out.
  • 10. Getting ready to graduate. Ellie is just a few weeks from graduating to the 1-2 year room at her daycare center. The transition between rooms involves a lot of changes for our little girl. The new room has sippy cups only (no bottles), scheduled nap times (on very short cots, but no cribs) and scheduled meals/snacks. Plus, she'll be getting all new teachers... which could be tough given her recent stranger anxiety. The school works to ease each kid through the transition, but I'm still nervous for Ellie. I can't believe she's almost 1 and getting to be such a big girl. Hopefully she does well with all the changes coming her way!

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