Thursday, July 1, 2010

Loud puppy

OK, Brian and I are weird. It's true. We like putting words and thoughts into the mouths of our dogs... and we decided soon after bringing Ellie home that they had dubbed her the "loud puppy," because of all the racket she kept making while they were trying to get in their 17th and 18th naps of the day. The dogs have been really good around Ellie, though, and love to lick her face or pick up scraps from under her chair. Now that Ellie is on the move, she often crawls over to Radar or Muzzy to pat them on the back and/or pull their fur.... but they are pretty easy-going about it all.
The funny thing I've noticed recently is that Ellie likes to crawl around with toys in her mouth, which looks just like one of the dogs carrying a bone or toy around! I guess "loud puppy" is just trying to fit in with the pack :)

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