Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three months

Can't believe it's been three months since our second angel daughter joined the family!

Katie continues to amaze us every day and bring so many smiles to the family. Here eyes are so expressive and I love trying to figure out what she's thinking... it's usually pretty tough, except when I can see the surprise/terror in them when Ellie or one of the dogs makes a loud noise right by her head. Poor Katie ;)
I looked back and realized I did a top 10 for each month of the first year for Ellie, so I'm going to try that for Katie, too.
Here's what she's up to at the ripe age of three months:
1) Loves baths! I think she'd stay in there for an hour if I'd let her. Only time she fusses about it is when I take her out.
2) Sleeping like a champ, for a 3-month-old. (Knock on wood). She usually gives us a 5-6 hour stretch after we give her a final feeding of the day around 10 p.m., and then I nurse her once in the middle of the night and she makes it through until morning — usually being woken up by big sister around 6:30 or 7 a.m.
3) Smiles! She gives them out freely, especially right after eating or first thing in the morning. Love, love, love seeing them!
4) Does great with tummy time. She is so strong with her head and does awesome when propped up partially on the boppy pillow.
5) Sits in the bumbo chair, which makes her happy to be part of the table group with Ellie, Brian and I.
6) Survives Ellie :) Big sister loves Katie a bit too much sometimes. Katie has gotten through numerous eye-poking incidents and plenty of rough kisses or hugs. Can't wait to see what happens when she's old enough to start giving it back, god help us.
7) A big fan of the swing. It's where she takes her longest naps most days. Yay for the swing.
8) Kicks those legs. I recall more kicking and thrusting during my pregnancy with Katie, as compared to Ellie's, and I've noticed she rarely stops moving her legs even now. Wonder if we have a future runner or soccer player on our hands?
9) Her belches and toots would put Homer Simpson to shame.
10) That hair! What can I say? It's the first thing people notice. What a beautiful head of hair for a breathtaking baby.
(Oh, and here's a fun series of shots from when we were all playing in Ellie's room the other day and Katie feel asleep while doing some tummy time. Love the little frog legs!)

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