Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 I decided to take Ellie downtown on Sunday for a "Skating the Square" event being held, where roller skating was offered on the block around the courthouse (and to benefit the local Boys & Girls club). Sounds fun, right? Well, as you can see below, Ellie spent a good portion of the outing on her butt. Turns out deciding to strap wheels onto my toddler's feet wasn't my best-ever plan.
 To her credit, Ellie was excited at the start and seemed to give some effort to the cause. But the fact that the smallest skates they had were 2 sizes too big probably didn't help things. It took us about 45 minutes to make it around the block once. Seriously. And I would not be surprised if Ellie's arms are each a few inches longer, since most of the time was spent with me holding her up by one or both arms.
 Considering I hadn't skated before this in about 10 years, it's amazing that neither of us took a serious dive. Oh well... maybe the next skate outing will be more successful. For now, Ellie has a good story about how "super silly" it was to have her feet slip-sliding in roller skates.

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