Sunday, November 11, 2012

ENT visit

So, took Katie to the ENT last week and got the verdict: ear tubes. We kind of thought it was coming, since she's fought three ear infections consecutively in roughly the past month. I'm nervous about the surgery (scheduled for Nov. 29), but I'm not a total basket case like I was last time. Obviously any interaction with anesthesia is worrisome, but I now know just how brief of stint the surgery really requires. (Literally, Ellie was out of our sight about 15 minutes when she had it done -- at the exact same age.) And we also know the benefits from the tubes. I think Ellie has had only 2 ear infections since getting the tubes. We're hoping to get Katie off the constant antibiotics and make her generally a happier camper by going this route. No way to know for sure if it's the right decision, but we're putting faith in it. Please keep Katie in your thoughts the next couple weeks as she fights this latest infection and tries to stay healthy ahead of surgery.
Even though she's totally over doctors' offices right now, she was able to have a bit of fun on the floor of the ENT's place last week... 
She's getting SO CLOSE to crawling!

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  1. Poor Katie! What a bummer! I'm curious if you guys considered chiropractic treatments? That's supposed to work wonders for healing/preventing ear infections. I know a great chiropractor in the area, she's pediatric certified. If you're interested. :)

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that she heals quickly!