Monday, November 5, 2012

Katie 9 months

A few days late, but Katie is still the newest 9-month-old in this house! These months with our baby girl are flying by... I don't think it went quite this fast with Ellie, but I guess we've got our hands a little fuller these days. We had a great weekend of mostly laid-back time and really enjoyed playing with the girls.
Here's Katie's top 10 at 9 months:

1. Not yet crawling, but she loves standing. Katie doesn't seem to be in any hurry to crawl or walk in any traditional manner. She can usually get where she wants to go if there's a toy in sight, though...
2. Lots of talking, noise-making and general "being cuteness." Katie's a big fan of ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba (?) and raspberry/fart noises.
3. Eating, eating, eating. Katie definitely enjoys real food more than bottles these days. For the past few weeks it's all we can do to get more than an ounce of bottle down, but she's more than happy to shovel down an entire bowl of baby cereal, fruits or veggies. And puffs or cheerios are gone in no time. Had worried for a while that she might not be getting enough fluids, but she seems to be growing fine. Doc had no concerns today (on the growth front...) at today's checkup. She's 20 lbs, 8 oz and almost 28 inches long/tall. 80th percentile for weight and 50th for height.
4. She's a clapping machine. Came in handy as we caught part of the Packers game yesterday while the girls played nearby :)
5. Taking off her socks. Katie absolutely refuses to keep them on her feet. Wasn't such a big deal for Ellie at this age because it was warm... but I worry Katie is going to freeze. Might need to break out the duct tape soon.
6. Loves to knock over any towers of blocks, toys or other objects within reach. We're also trying to teach her to put items into buckets, etc.
7. Drooling up a storm. Maybe she's finally going to get her first teeth? I can't believe she didn't get any several months back when she had all the classic teething symptoms... but maybe it's the reason for her current drool-fest and subsequent diahrea. So. much. diarhea. (sorry to the faint of heart readers...)
8. Laughing. My favorite laugh from Katie is in response to a silly face or giggle from her big sister. Absolutely melts my heart.
9. Sleeping pretty great. Knock on wood, Katie is a champ going through the night, as Ellie was around this age. Whenever she's feeling fine we can count on her being down from about 7-7.
10. Being such a happy, lovey, easygoing baby. Katie is just a gem. Brian and I feel so lucky and blessed.

On a less cheery note, the doctor did discover another (or possibly the same) ear infection in Katie's left ear at her appointment today. Since she she's had so many and the oral antibiotics don't seem to be getting the job done, she's getting daily injections of antibiotics for the next three days... and then we're going to see the ENT doctor on Thursday. It was right about this age when Ellie had to get ear tubes because of her frequent ear infections. We'll see what the doc says about Katie, but I just hope she gets healthy soon!

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  1. "20 lbs, 8 oz"

    Your 9 month old is heavier than my 17 month old. I need to start feeding her butter.

    I hope Katie's ears get better soon.