Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Katie at 1

Katie started in a new room at daycare this week. She's now in with 1-2 year olds... and all those mobile kids (many closer to 2 than 1) look like giants compared to our little one!
I'm trying to keep my cool and remember that Ellie survived this same transition, but it's hard when I see Katie getting swarmed by the older kids. She's definitely nervous about the new arrangement so far. She cries pretty hard at drop-off and the teachers yesterday reported that she was very clingy most of the day. But, again, I'm sure she'll be fine... right?

I should share some of the amazing things Katie is doing these days, too. She says more words: like "ball" and "baby," in addition to the ma-ma, da-da that she's done for awhile now. She can roll a ball to us. She's cruising around like a champ and SO close to walking on her own. Here's some video I caught of her driving the alphabet train around our house. (Note: As you see from Ellie's involvement in the video, Katie does have some amount of training in surviving bigger kids...)

Katie is also an eating champ and no longer has restrictions on food (like nuts or fish). She's switched entirely to whole milk and drinks only from sippy cups. Basically, our baby seems to be fading away (much faster than mom would like...) I'm so proud of this big girl.

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