Saturday, May 31, 2014

Charlie: 2 months

Must. Do. Monthly. Updates. I've getting Charlie's 2 month update in just under the wire. It's still May and he's not yet 3 months, so I'm counting it :)
Here's what he's up to these days:
1. Smiles abound. His grin just kills us, and we do just about anything to coax one out of him. Love it.
2. Sleeping like a champ. (Please don't let this be a jinx.) He only is waking up once or twice a night, and he goes back to sleep pretty easily.
3. Homer Simpson, when it comes to belching. We have to be careful after that first burp because there's usually something that follows...
4. Rocking the cute baby boy clothes, My favorite so far has been the baby cargo pants, lots of pockets for all his belongings.
5. Hair styles. Charlie's hair is amazing. He gets a natural mohawk after every bath.
6. Eating more. His bottle intake is growing, up to 4 ounces at a time. I stopped nursing and pumping at the 2 month mark. It was hard (for me), but Charlie is doing great.
7. Loves his "soaks." That's what I call bath time for Charlie. He sits and relaxes in his baby tub while the girls are crazy in the bath across the room. He loves it and somehow relaxes through the super noisy process.
8. Talking. Charlie makes all sorts of fun coos and other noises these days. Ellie and Katie think it's hilarious.
9. Dazzling them at daycare. Charlie started at Trinity with the girls this past week, and even though he has some crying time they say he's mostly happy.
10. Running. He's my buddy in the running stroller for a few miles here and there. He sleep through most of the workout, but I feel the burn. He loves the fresh air.

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