Saturday, July 12, 2014

Charlie: 3 months

 Charlie at 3 months! (just a bit late...)
1. Super smiley. Love it, love it, love it.
2. Had a cold for about a month now, lots of boogers and not sleeping great... that includes mom and dad, too.
3. Getting acclimated at daycare. His teachers flagged a possible allergy to the formula because he spits up sometimes and gets hives sometimes while eating... but doc says not to worry and it seems like he's no more or less vomitty than the girls were. Still, he's not the easiest to feed at daycare, so they are doing what they can. He mostly prefers mom all the time...
4. He can support his entire body weight (mostly) if we steady him while he's standing on his legs. Big, strong man!
5. His hair is insane. (See below) If we don't mat it down ASAP after bathtime, all bets are off.
6. He laughs... especially when tickled in one of his 100 tickle spots. Ellie loves tickling him,
7. He's surviving his sisters, sometimes in spite of their best efforts to get in his face, press on him, grab his face or pull on an appendage. He'll grow up tough.
8. Prolific pooper. Lots of diaper changes with this one, especially compared to once-a-day Katie.
9. Loves bath time. He could soak for hours, I think, if we let him. Has fun getting washed while we referee Ellie and Katie in the big tub on bath nights.
10. Talking. Lots of coos and funny sounds coming from this guy, who no doubt it trying to get a word in edgewise with this crew.

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