Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First flight

In addition to celebrating Halloween, Ellie made her first air travel this past weekend. We all flew up to Minneapolis for Ben and Candice's wedding, which was so much fun!
Here's Ellie on the shuttle from the economy parking lot in Indianapolis. It was freezing when we got to the airport, but we bundled our girl up and started a long night of travel. Brian and I were pretty worried about how she would do in the plane, but Ellie traveled great. She was a bit fussy on the flight out and spent some time fighting sleep, even though it was way past her bedtime. Finally she gave in to the tiredness and fell asleep on the floor at our feet! Here's Ellie and Alora before the rehearsal dinner. And below is Ellie and dad at the hotel bar where we all (except Ellie) enjoyed a complimentary cocktail for our stay :) I didn't have very much time for picture-taking on the day of the wedding... but Ellie looked gorgeous in her dress. Here's a picture that Sandy snapped in between the ceremony and the reception. I can't believe I didn't get a family shot with me, Ellie and Brian! Oh well.
On Sunday we headed back to Indiana. Here's Ellie having fun eating her yogurt before we boarded the flight out, and she also spent some time "reading." Again she did very well. It was exhausting traveling with an almost-15-month-old, but so worth it to share in Ben and Candice's day!

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