Thursday, February 3, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Days!

So, Purdue closed for two days and Ellie and I got some great time together. I've been planning to use some of my stored-up vacation time to do this sort of thing, but Mother Nature saved me the days and gave me the opportunity.
First, watching an 18-month-old for an entire day is serious work. That child never stops, except to occasionally lie down and suck her thumb, which apparently gives her super powers to go even crazier when she gets back up. It's also possible that she got a little sugared up from waffles each morning, which she now refuses to eat without ample amounts of syrup to dip them in.
For the most part, we played baby games. Dump out the blocks, stack them on something, put them away. We stared out windows at the snow and plows (she learned how to say "outside from this). And we terrorized the dogs by pulling their ears and tails as they slept. The last one was more Ellie than me, but I can't say I'm completely innocent on that one.
But my favorites were learning how to dance and playing the nose game.
Ellie often throws her hands up asking to be picked up. Tuesday, I grabbed them and started swaying with her to the music from the radio. She eventually stepped onto my feet and we gracefully swept around the room. It was like every movie or television show where a little girl learns to dance. She stepped on my feet and stared at the floor. When I told her to look up, she grinned from ear to ear. Later, I held her and grabbed one of her hands and spun until I thought I might collapse. Ellie shrieked with laughter, and when I put her down, almost collapsed herself from dizziness.
Finally, we played our usual game of nose beeping. Ellie pressed my noise, and in my deepest voice, I let out a beep. But once, I decided not to beep. After several more presses, Ellie did it for me. It's the cutest little "beeeeeeeeeee" you ever heard. And now, when I press hers, she beeps herself.
Back to work today, but I had a blast. I envision those vacation days going to great use this spring.

p.s. (from Dorothy) Here's a video of our brilliant daughter showing mom what she learned in her time with daddy!

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