Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Sunday

I know, I'm a couple days late on this post... but we're all still riding high from the Packers victory in the Super Bowl!!! What a night!
We started the evening getting decked out in green and gold. I found this way-too-big football shirt at Walmart and it just happened to have #80 on, so Ellie decided to show her spirit for Donald Driver. Hope he sticks with the Packers because she's going to wearing this shirt for several seasons since it's a Boys size 4-5. We tied it up '80s-style so that it didn't get in her way as much :)
Ellie and mom getting psyched for the game!
Brian and Radar, also getting their game faces on!
Our friends Haley and Dusty... cheering for the Packers whether they wanted to or not!
VICTORY!!!!!! Enjoying our win a little bit too late into the night....
And Brian forcing our friend Nick to celebrate, even though he wouldn't wear the Cheesehead. Boo! (Plus this is a nice shot of Brian's butt. hehe.)

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