Friday, March 11, 2011

Feeling giddy

Here are some random thoughts I'm having on this sunny Friday. I'm in a pretty good mood for no particular reason. I'm not questioning it... I'm just going with it and hoping it lasts!

I've felt some pangs of sadness recently when I realize in different ways how much of a "big girl" Ellie is becoming. We celebrate all of her developments and growth, for sure, but it's bittersweet when she doesn't need us in different ways. She fiercely insists on things like feeding herself and walking without holding our hands. Such an independent girl. I even notice little things like these grubby, little-kid hands she has now... instead of those chubby baby digits. Silly maybe, but it's another one of those signs that baby Ellie is no longer a baby.
(Here she is showing off her garbanzo bean-eating prowress...)

I am loving Ellie's exuberance for life these days! She gets so excited about things that we see on our walks or when we're out running errands. Some of the stuff is downright hilarious... the random twigs or muddy rocks that elicit an excited "oooohhhhh" from her as she leans over to retrieve them. Some of her zeal is contagious. I find myself getting excited every time I see a bus (even when she's not with me) because Ellie goes nuts when a big yellow school bus or one of the city buses drives by. That makes me especially happy because of memories I have of bus trips with my late godmother. I'm planning a special bus field trip with Ellie sometime in the near future.

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