Monday, March 28, 2011

Rugby gathering

We got to catch up with some of my former teammates from the Illinois rugby team a couple weekends ago, which was so great! The impetus for the gathering was catching up with a former coach and teammate who were back in the states visiting even though they live down in New Zealand. Brian, Ellie and I got to hang with everyone for a little while in the afternoon. We've got lots of cuties among the group and another one on the way, with my friend Hallermann due this summer. Yay! My friend Nutter caught this hilarious shot of Ellie during a chaotic group shot we tried to orchestrate of the children in attendance. I couldn't believe Ellie sat still for so long, and somehow ended up in this dainty crossed-legs pose... though the expression on her face doesn't exactly match :) I love how nobody is looking at the cameras for this... and Nutter's daughter (Rosalie) is either petting or just inspecting Tre's head on the far left. Too funny!
Here are moms and babies all in one shot. Bet we looked a bit more intimidating back when we were tearing up the rugby pitch. For those who don't know, I played with these girls for the national championship my senior year. We lost to Air Force in the final minutes of that game... but it was an amazing experience and I cherish those team memories. It's so cool to see the next generation growing up!

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