Thursday, March 3, 2011

Future hoarder?

OK, so it's not good to joke about... but our recent playtime outdoors this week has me wondering if Ellie has some hoarding tendencies. It takes us about 30 minutes anymore just to travel the block-and-a-half from the park to home. That's because Ellie has to stop every few feet to pick up rocks and sticks she finds on the ground. With an excited "ooohhhh," she'll point out her find and quickly bend over to retrieve the dirt-covered stone or stick. But oftentimes she already has 5-6 others in her hands, which presents a problem since her hands aren't very big! I offer to help carry some of her treasure, but my request to help is brushed off with a brisk "uh-uh." Suit yourself.We sure to have fun in the silliest ways sometimes... that is until we arrive home. The real "hoarding" question comes up each time because Ellie wants to bring all of the rocks and sticks in the house. So far my explanations of outdoor toys vs. indoor toys isn't getting through. So the enjoyable outing usually ends with me or Brian having to rip the muddy objects from her hands and then carry a screaming Ellie into the house. Good times?

p.s. Happy 19-month birthday to Ellie today. Can't believe what a big girl we have now.

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