Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day weekend

We didn't travel this past holiday weekend because I had to work on Saturday. But my mom decided to come down for a visit and we had a great time! Sunday was busy with church and a trip to the park, even though it was a bit too chilly to go swimming one last time before the pool closed for the season. We still had fun visiting the ducks and letting Ellie order us around the park.
Who armed the 2-year-old with a canon?
And Monday, when it was even colder (!), we went up to Delphi and visited the Wabash Erie Canal Park. They have a replica canal boat and a bunch of other historic stuff there, but most of it wasn't open until the afternoon when Ellie had to be home for her nap. We still enjoyed a walk on the canal trails.
And Ellie enjoyed visiting a new playground!
Double-slide time with daddy!

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