Monday, October 24, 2011

Boo at the Zoo

This year we finally got Ellie down to the annual Boo at the Zoo event, in the park a block away from our house. I was amazed at the scope of the shindig. The admission price included access to about 15 different activity areas, haunted train rides and kiddie rides... and you even got a free pumpkin to take home! Given the "late" start — close to Ellie's bedtime — we didn't make it to nearly half of the stuff involved, but Ellie had a great time. We let her choose between the frog and ladybug costumes we have in her size, and she chose "ribbit." The costume is a bit short on her so the head piece doesn't fit great. When she pulled it off mom insisted she wear a hat because it was pretty chilly that night.
Ellie did some bowling and was thrilled to get a candy treat afterward.
She rode the helicopters and the horse and buggy ride. You'll notice a very cute Elmo in the cart behind her. He was very upset to get off the ride when it was over and started crying, which prompted Ellie to worry all night that "Elmo's sad!" We had to keep reassuring her that he was happy now.
A cute shot of the walk to the park with daddy!
And a shot with mom as we tried to make it look like we were wearing the floating witches hats... not sure we succeeded...
And here's an action shot of our very adamant froggie girl:

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