Friday, October 14, 2011

Messes and more

Poor Ellie spent a good portion of Thursday puking... which meant mom, dad and her teachers at daycare spent a good amount of time cleaning up the mess. She didn't have any other symptoms (like fever, etc), so even though it happened four times Thursday we didn't go to the doctor. When Brian and I started to feel sick, too, but thankfully without any actual vomiting, we got suspicious about food poisoning. I think that's our ultimate self-diagnosis... since the wave of sickness seems to be past us now in less than a 24-hour period. Ellie was doing a whole lot better by Thursday night. She kept all of her food down in the late afternoon and evening, and she only had one truly disgusting diaper. (Sorry for the details... but, hey, at least you're just reading about it and not changing it!)
Hopefully Ellie is completely better today and can enjoy a visit from grandma. Brian's mom is coming to stay with her tonight while we go down to Indianapolis for a half marathon we're running early Saturday. Pictures and stories from the weekend to come!

On a side note, now that the weather is turning cool again we can bring Ellie's new rain boots out again. We got them about a month ago but she's only worn them a couple times because of the temps. How adorable are they?!

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