Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rewind: hospital stay

For some reason I'm way behind in posting these photos...
Here's a few more from during our stay in the hospital last weekend. Katie slept in her cart in the nursery for some of the time, while mom and dad snagged sleep during the nights.
And I was beyond thrilled when Ellie finally came to visit Saturday and I got to see her. My two girls!

Here's the obligatory "leaving the hospital" shot from Sunday night. I think our smiles here do a pretty good job of hiding the terror of leaving the hospital support system. But, actually, it was really nice to get home -- especially to Ellie.
The time apart was hard on everyone, but we're so grateful that both grandmas could come into town and help ease the burden. My mom stayed through the whole week after and pitched in a ton at our house, with laundry, dishes, cooking and taking Ellie for some outings. It was a huge help, and it allowed Brian to go back to work for a couple days so he can spread out his leave time over a longer span. For the next month or so he'll be able to take off Monday and Fridays (with paid paternity leave time) and only leave me solo for three days each week. I'm still nervous about how I'll cover all the bases with both girls, but parents do it all the time... right?

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