Monday, February 6, 2012

Three days

It's been an amazing first three (full) days with our newest angel, Katie.
Brian and I brought her home late Sunday, just after half-time of the Super Bowl, and then we all had a fairly sleepless night. But that's OK. Katie is getting adjusted to her new surroundings -- and they (Ellie and the dogs) are getting used to her, too. She's eating like a champ, making lots of dirty diapers and even getting some long stretches of sleep in (at least during the daytime hours). We are totally blown away by this tiny, beautiful creature.
Here are a couple more shots from the past few days.
Katie just after the nurses finished cleaning her up.
A hand shot that the nurse suggested we do, to show just how tiny our new baby girl is!
And here are the grandmas helping Ellie enjoy her big sister cake during the "party" the hospital helped arrange to help ease the new sibling transition. The cake even earned Katie a kiss from her big sis.


  1. I can't believe how much Katie looks like Ellie in that second picture. No doubt those girls are sisters!

  2. That last picture made me cry. SO sweet.