Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two weeks

Katie went in Friday for her two-week checkup and it dawned on me how fast the first 14 days with her had gone. I know it's cliche to talk about the time flying by, but that's just what it's doing. The days are blurring together, the nights are short, and I'm trying as hard as I can to remind myself to treasure the moments holding this tiny bundle -- even at 2 a.m. when it's hard to keep my eyes open. I am consumed with love when looking into her bright eyes or smelling that wonderful "new baby" scent. (sigh)
Now, beyond the sappy stuff, here's how our little girl is doing. Born at 6 lb, 15 oz. She dropped down to about 6 lb, 7 oz (which is normal for babies and not concerning unless they lose more than 10 percent of their birth weight). We've been monitoring her weight closely as I worked the past couple weeks with lactation consultants. She gained a few ounces early on but then plateaued at about 6 lb, 10 oz for a few days. In consult with my doctor, I decided to go on a prescription (Reglan) that's actually used to treat reflux but has been shown to increase milk supply. After less than a week on it, I'm already seeing improvement. In fact, I think I'm pumping as much milk now (just a few weeks in) than I ever did when nursing Ellie. I'm optimistic about this medicine and how it's working in conjunction with the herbal supplements (Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek) I'm also taking and the mass quantities of oatmeal I'm eating. (Steel cut oatmeal is also supposed to help with supply, and it's really good!) Katie was back up to 6 lb, 12 oz at Friday's appointment.
This past week we've had to give Katie an ounce or two of formula most days, usually in the evening when my supply for the day starts to taper off. But I'm OK with that. She's still getting about 90 percent breast milk. And from the numerous milk supply web sites and forums I've read, it sounds like a bit of formula can be helpful in getting baby's weight up enough to boost her energy and make her an even better eater. Her demand will help fuel my supply, so this is definitely a team effort.
In other news: Katie is still teeny tiny. The 0-3 month outfits I try to put on her are comically huge. Her beautiful head of hair continues to amaze everyone we meet. Her fingernails already needed trimming twice in her short lifespan thus far. Her umbilical cord piece fell off today, so a regular bath will be coming her way in the near future. And she's basically a gem. Hard to say if Katie's full personality has been revealed yet, but our baby girl so far is pretty easy going. She likes to be held, but she's willing to take rides in the swing or chill in the bouncy seat for a while when Ellie needs played with or during meal times. Still, mom loves holding her best... so I'm not complaining when she starts fussing and I have to pick her up :)

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  1. Have you tried Mothers Milk tea? It's really been helping with my "end of day" supply issues. Doesn't sound like you need it though, it looks like Katie is growing really well! Yay Katie!