Monday, March 5, 2012

One month

This was a surprised look I caught on Katie's face after a sneeze, but it pretty much sums up her sense of wonder at all the craziness and activity around our house. Between her big sister, the dogs and her weirdo mom and dad... there's not many dull moments for our one-month old. Speaking of which, I took her in today for her 4-week checkup and Katie got high marks from the doctor. But not from the scale. Katie continues to be our little tiny. She's gaining weight and getting taller... just not by a whole lot. Doc said she's probably just a slow grower and she's not concerned. (Those were welcome words to me.) Katie weighed in today at 7 lbs, 8 oz and measured 20 inches long. (Puts her in the 8% for weight and 10% for height for her age.)
Katie is making some progress on holding her head up momentarily. She's going for longer stretches without eating at night (yay!) and generally is a happy baby most of the time.

Speaking of happy, Ellie was thrilled when her daddy built a fort for her this weekend after all our company left. The blanket roof did wonders for her hair :)
Oh, and she's earning her keep by doing some light housework. There's at least one very clean tile in our shower now.

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