Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sleep craziness

The nights have been a little nutty at our house this week. I don't know that I can chalk it up to day light savings time... but somehow Ellie's off her schedule by about 4 hours. All week she's been fighting sleep at bed time (and naps) and staying up till close to 11 p.m. It's a far cry from her former 7 p.m. sleep time. Brian and I would love to have her land somewhere around 8 or 8:30, but 11 is out of the question. Once we put her down at night, though, she's been getting back up and playing with toys, books and her stuffed animals in her room forEVER. She's mostly quiet and happy playing on her own. We hear all sorts of songs and conversations with baby dolls through the monitor. But every so often she'll knock to get out of her room or call pathetically for mommy or daddy in the hopes of getting another story or permission to come downstairs. Oh, and during what was supposed to be nap time yesterday I responded to a quiet but persistent call for "help" from Ellie and found her stuck between her headboard and the wall, with one leg stuck over the top and a picture knocked off the wall. I'm glad she wasn't hurt... and it was hard not to laugh.
I guess maybe we got off easy when she started going to bed and staying in it (more often than not, anyway) when we first moved her out of the crib... so now she's realized she can get up and is taking full advantage. We'll see if the streak continues, but I'd think this girl would get pretty darn tired soon going from a normal 12 hours of sleep a night to only 8. (Both options sound like heaven to me and Brian, however... but oh well).

On the Katie sleep front, I CAN'T complain after she slept an astounding 6 hours (well, 5:45) in one stretch last night. The night before she also made it for a 5 hour stretch... and I felt like I'd slept for a month, and also like I needed to feed her pronto! I probably just jinxed it by telling others about the good fortune. But if not, keep the magic coming, Katie! Oh, and tell your big sister: Just go to bed!

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