Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

I'll have to put this post into the category of "Better late than never"... We had a great Memorial Day weekend down in St. Louis. Ellie probably had the most fun since she got to ride a pony, and a train and a ferris wheel. Oh my. What a lucky girl. Most of these pics are from our visit to Eckert's orchard on Saturday, where we bought fresh peaches and let Ellie go a little nuts. She loved the Ellie-sized cart in the shop.
And she stalked great-grandma through the store... and kept sticking items in carts that we had to fish out before the checkout line.

The pony ride was a HUGE hit!

And here we are framing Katie for our ice cream indulgence at Bobby's — a custard establishment in Maryville.
And here's grandma giving Ellie some love at the ice cream shop.
Great-grandma giving Ellie some love at our breakfast out at Steak N Shake...
Grandma giving Katie some love at the house...
AND, Ellie giving daddy a "haircut" for about 30 minutes one of the afternoon :)

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