Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our trooper

Well, Ellie was diagnosed with a sinus infection today. The congestion/runny nose/cough that she's been dealing with the past couple weeks finally flared up into a fever of 103+ on Wednesday :( I took her to the doc today and although she couldn't find anything major wrong, she agreed that Ellie's nose shouldn't be a faucet for almost three weeks... and the fever was disconcerting. So she's on the bubble gum medicine now. Hope it works quick! We had a very sad last night waking up many times with nothing we could do for Ellie other than offer hugs. I actually stood in front of the fan and held her for a short time because she was burning up! It's a good thing she loves her grape Tylenol.

But beyond the sad sick-baby news, here is a very cute recent picture of Ellie. With the AC off recently and the doors open, Ellie is having a great time looking out at the world going by.

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