Monday, September 13, 2010

Parenting points

I consider myself a few points ahead of Brian in the parenting department -- though I'm sure that will all reverse itself by tomorrow :)
I got home from work today and he said to me, "Ellie might smell like stale beer. Don't worry about it."
It turns out, Brian didn't spend the morning at a pub with our 13-month-old. But he did leave her be long enough for her to get into our recycling bin... where she pulled out a Coors Light can or two and spilled some drips on herself.
That's right. Our daughter plays in the trash/recycling sometimes. It's classy.
But I only claim parenting points for one reason... not because I'd never let Ellie get into the recycling and spill beer on herself... but because I'd wipe her down afterward and never speak of it! How's that for responsible?

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