Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week in review

Whew, I have let this last week get away from me!
Since I don't have time to rehash the entirety of the past 7 days, these highlights will have to do...

  • Visit from grandma! Brian's mom came up to visit us this past weekend and celebrate her 50th birthday a little early. She also watched Ellie for us on Saturday morning while Brian and I went to run our first race together in quite some time, without a jogging stroller that is. We had fun and really pushed ourselves in a 10k in a small town nearby. I had to work on Saturday, but Brian, grandma and Ellie had a great time hanging out in the afternoon, and cooked up some awesome food. The only downside was...
  • Food poisoning! Something that we ate over the weekend made the three adults seriously ill for the past few days. It hit Linda and I on Sunday night and then got Brian heading into Tuesday. We're not quite sure what to blame, but the only thing we all had that Ellie didn't eat was a cake from this bakery we visited in Brookston after the race... Ugh, whatever the culprit, it was bad news. Thankfully Ellie was spared and the rest of us are on the mend.
  • Walking, stooping, etc! Ellie is really getting the hang of this whole walking thing. She isn't taking off on her own yet, unless there's a finger or stationary object nearby to grab, but she's really got great balance once she does get going. And I am impressed at how well she can stoop down to pick things up -- important things, of course, like leaves and sticks off the ground, or puppy toys at the house. Who cares as long as she's mastering a new skill!

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