Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy mom

I fear my lack of recent posting might be construed as either a) there's not a lot going on with Ellie right now, or b) I don't care enough about what she's doing, saying and getting into to share it.
I assure you that neither one is true!
Things have just been a little busier than usual. We had a great trip to visit Brian's family and friends this past weekend. I have pictures to get off the camera, but that will have to be tomorrow.
Between work, house stuff, traveling and... oh yeah, taking care of Ellie!... it's been a little hectic. I've been filling in for my boss last week and again this week. Brian is dealing with added deadlines at his job. Meanwhile, Ellie is on the go, throwing some tantrums and generally filling more than a handful.
But she's also still our wonderful angel. And I realize I've been complaining a bit recently — which is somewhat unfair without pointing out all of the awesomeness that comes with her new found independence and mobility.
She cracks herself up just from walking and seeing the things going on around her. That in turn cracks mom and dad up. The three of us had a blast just walking the block-and-a-half to the park after Ellie ate dinner tonight.
Ellie is a huge fan of getting down and walking on her own, although she prefers the added stability of holding on to one of our fingers. She can really move if she's got both mom's and dad's fingers in her death grip!
In addition to walking, Ellie is surprising us every day with the things she says and does. I promise to get some video of more of these, but here are some of her recent advances:
  • Blowing kisses. She randomly did this to a lady at church during the sign of the peace on Sunday. Too cute!
  • Saying "thank you" to everything. It took us awhile to realize what this "da-du" sound meant... but we've pegged it now and realized Ellie has very good manners.
  • Talking about the dogs at any opportunity. "Da! Da!" (pant, pant) is a constant refrain in our house.
  • Asking for "more." It's the sign that Ellie knows best and she uses it all the time! It's literally one of the first things she says in the morning and it continues on throughout the day, even when she's not necessarily hungry or thirsty. (Sigh.) I'm hoping to teach her a few other signs soon so Ellie will at least switch it up now and then.
More to come soon, I promise. And pictures from this weekend, too!

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