Friday, June 17, 2011

Dump the pump

This week the local bus system offered free rides one day, so Ellie and I set off on an adventure. We caught the bus that comes by the park -- that Ellie admires every time she sees go past -- and took it down to the transfer station. From there, we got to walk around and look at a bunch of other buses and then catch one that went across the river to Purdue. We got off by Brian's office building and went in for a visit.
After the bus trip, we decided to treat ourselves to an early Father's Day dinner out (since Brian is opting to bbq at home on Sunday). We went to Olive Garden where we all had way too much good food to eat... and Ellie did some damage to her white shirt. Good thing for washing machines.
Here's Ellie being silly before the food came. She likes to put a lot of emphasis into saying the names of the dogs, i.e. m-m-m-m-m-muzz! and ra-ra-ra-raaa!

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