Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunburst, emphasis on the "sun"

To cap off our week of vacation, Brian decided to run a half marathon. Haha, but I'm serious. He's trained hard all spring for the Sunburst race that finishes on the Notre Dame football field up in South Bend. Only it turns out all of the warnings about the heat curses surrounding this race are true. It was way too hot and humid on race morning to set a PR, but Brian still ran his race. Ellie and I chased him around the course (running close to 5 miles ourselves) and were so proud of him!
The night before the race we carbo-loaded at an Irish place, since those are much more common in South Bend than Italian eateries.

And during the race Ellie worked to stay hydrated...

And to stay cool...

And finally she slept.

That last one about sums up how Brian felt at the end of the race, so I didn't torture him with a camera in the face. But my hat is off to my awesome husband who ran 2 half marathons in a 3 week span!

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