Monday, June 13, 2011

Pee pee in the potty!

To start, this is Brian. I write so infrequently that I have to mention it up front.
This is an exciting post, as the headline clearly gives away. But it almost didn't happen.
This morning I was running a bit behind when I got Ellie out of her crib. She was cranky and I hurried through changing her diaper and getting her dressed.
As I started getting dressed myself, she livened up and started jabbering to her reflection in the mirror. When I turned around, she was half bent over, grabbing her pants with a scrunched face, saying in the most pathetic voice you've ever heard "peee?"
This happens often. Already late, I tried something that often makes her change her mind.
"Do you have to go potty?" I asked.
This usually gets a prompt "no" and we move on. But she wasn't to be deterred today.
"Yessss!" she said, and ran into the bathroom.
I tried again.
Often, Ellie will sit on the baby potty fully clothed for a minute or so as a ploy to get to play with the toilet paper. Had that been her MO, she'd have gotten away with it this morning. Anything to keep her busy while I finished up and whisked her downstairs.
So, I sat her on the potty, diaper and pants both on. She immediately stood and started pulling at her pants.
I didn't have time for this.
"Fine," I said. "Make it quick."
I got her ready and sat her down. She immediately patted the real toiled and said "Daddy, sit."
"No, honey. Daddy has to get ready. Finish up," I said.
And then it happened. Ellie got this strange look on her face and said "All done!"
Expecting nothing more, I stood her up and, to my surprise, saw a potty full of pee.
I probably scared the hell out of her after that. I needed to make a big deal out of this so that she knew I was happy. I jumped up, sang, danced, made big smiley faces. I sold the damn thing.
At daycare, Ellie would get an M&M if she went potty. I had no M&Ms.
I grabbed Ellie and headed down the stairs. I saw animal crackers, grapes and all sorts of things she loves. But I'd give her those as regular snacks. I needed something special.
In the freezer, I saw a solid chocolate bunny left from Easter. I whacked it hard on the counter and pulled out an ear and handed it to Ellie.
That bunny is good for about a dozen trips to the potty. It's time to get some M&Ms.

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  1. Hooray for Ellie! What a big girl she is very exciting! :)