Sunday, June 26, 2011

Got away

The week got away from me, that is.
We had a great, low-key Father's Day last Sunday. And since I promised at least a summary I can say that we spoiled Brian with some gifts, bacon and eggs for breakfast, and then we let him cook us an elaborate dinner. I asked in advance what he wanted to eat or where we should go for the big day... but Brian wanted to use the nice weather to grill a pork butt. It's was an 11-hour process that resulted in the most delicious pulled pork dinners I'd ever had. At least I made some of the sides.

The rest of the week was a bit less pleasant. Brian had to go in on Tuesday to get his tonsils out. Ever since then he's been laid up and in a fair amount of pain, even with regular doses of pain meds. Still, for most of the week he did better than we (or the doctors) expected. He was eating some soft foods/soups by the second day and generally keeping some of his strength up. But on Friday he either came down with a bug or developed a bad reaction to the pain medicine and couldn't keep any fluids down for much of the day. By that night we went to the ER and had to get him some anti-nausea medicine and IV fluids. It was a long, late night at the hospital... but I'm happy to report that by Saturday afternoon he was feeling a ton better. Today seems to be starting off good so far, so we'll hope for more gradual progress.

Perhaps the only silver lining through all of this has been the sweetness and love Ellie's been showing her daddy. I think she can definitely tell he's sick and she's been running over to give hugs, kisses and to say "hi" whenever he's around. She's had moments of becoming more of a "daddy's girl" in the past few weeks... which I know Brian relishes after some of the long spells of only-mommy-will-do we've had so far. I don't think Brian wants to resort to surgery to earn her affection, but it's been heart-warming to see how she can sense him hurting and how she wants to help.

Oh, and I also must thank my mom for coming down a few days this week. It was super helpful to have a second set of healthy hands around to pitch in on caregiving for two! And Ellie had a ton of fun spending a couple mornings with grandma while I had to return to work Thursday and Friday. They went for long walks, visits to the zoo and lots of time at the park swings. And even though we didn't get any pictures, Ellie lured grandma into her pop-up tent (a rather small structure) in our living room. Very fun.

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