Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Go daddy!

Ellie and I got to cheer Brian on to a major personal best time in his half marathon this past weekend. He blew away his previous record by 10:30!! So awesome. I've been so proud of his hard work over the past few months as he trained for this race. He picked a training program that was so challenging that he had to spend a month training just to start the training. A little crazy, yes... but he stuck with it, and it totally paid off. Now Ellie and I are looking forward to weeks ahead of us where Brian/daddy doesn't have to fit in a run every single day!
Ellie and I drove out to the 9.5-mile mark on the race course and offered Brian some mid-race encouragement. Ellie is still cheering "Go daddy" and "go runners!"
So proud of daddy at the finish line :)

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