Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Severe weather, close quarters

We had some crazy weather in Lafayette on Monday. The day started with thunderstorms (weird enough for November) and the winds picked up through the day until a tornado watch was issued in the afternoon. I arrived at Ellie's day care just as the warning sirens started going off. I was initially relieved to be out of my vehicle and in the building, and I was happy to actually have eyes on Ellie in that situation. However, once I'd arrived I was there for the long haul since they wouldn't let me or Ellie leave until the tornado risk was gone. The 30-minute warning was extended to last more than an hour... and we all had to spend it in the very small bathroom of Ellie's day car classroom. That's right, it was 75 minutes spent in this 8x8 bathroom with 10 toddlers, three teachers and two other parents. Oh, and the teachers decided to close the door at some point to keep the kids from escaping... but that meant the temperature slowly climbed to about 100 degrees (or at least it felt like it). Wow, were we happy to get cut loose when the all-clear was issued. I happened to have my camera with and got a couple shots of the mayhem.

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  1. Oh, I bet that was completely quiet and not at all uncomfortable. :-) The part that gets me is that where you were wasn't actually included in the first warning that came out. I could go on about warning dissemination and decision making, but I'll save that rant for my own blog.