Sunday, November 6, 2011


Thanks for all the words of encouragement from everyone! I'm feeling better after a weekend filled with a mix of work and play. I'm trying to take a more organized approach right now, hitting the list-making hard to make myself feel like I've got a plan for getting everything done from dinner plans for the week to shopping plans for the holiday season. Yay lists :)
And I had a cathartic closet raid this weekend, too. Just pulling out a bunch of the too-small clothes and shoving them into a bag for now made me feel better (not having to look at them longingly) and made room for some more maternity stuff I unearthed in the process.

On the Ellie front... our little girl had a sick day this past Thursday. She woke up just after 4 a.m. puking and didn't let up for several hours. Luckily the bug seemed to work it's way out of her system that morning and didn't linger. Here's a shot Brian got of Ellie taking a short morning nap on the couch while he stayed home with her.

But here are more shots of her that same evening when she rallied enough to want to attend her gymnastics class. This was just her second week, but she had a lot of fun. The class is a little bit of a free-for-all because of the age of the students (all 36 months and younger) and the busyness of the gym. It seems like a good experience for her, though, and should be a helpful way to burn some energy each week as the weather turns colder.
p.s. Her wet shirt front visible in the last photo isn't from a sweaty workout session... it's from playing in the drinking fountain, which may actually be her favorite part of the class.

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