Friday, June 25, 2010


Ellie is rosy cheeked... but just on one side. Yesterday she developed a rash on her right cheek, and we're not sure what it's from. It's a tricky one. The skin gets redder and more splotchy when she's eating and also when she's warm. The day care workers called me about it mid-day Thursday and said we needed to get it checked out. For some reason they don't want a baby in the room who is spreading a skin condition to everyone else. Weird.
So Brian picked Ellie up and took her to the doctor. But the answer there was, "beats me." Maybe there was more medical jargon thrown in, but I wasn't there. Basically the doctor said the rash could be caused by any number of things, including something as simple as Ellie lying in drool on her bed sheet. This is our primary suspicion because Ellie's clothing, detergent and diet hasn't really changed this week... but she HAS started sleeping on her stomach. And she's been drooling up a storm, probably from those top front teeth finally coming through.
The doctor said even if we narrow down the culprit, there's not much to do about it. Plus, it's not bothering Ellie. One of those weird things, I guess. Hopefully it goes away soon, but until then I'll just suspect it's the Irish blood in her (but without the alcohol) showing proudly.

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