Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buses and races and BBQ, oh my

We packed a TON of fun into this weekend.
When Ellie woke up from her nap Friday afternoon I asked if she wanted to go on an adventure. She immediately laughed and started saying, "please, please?" (I guess she understood what I asked?...) Either way, we set off with Cheerios, milk and the stroller. She and I walked about a mile to downtown Lafayette where we could catch the free "trolley" — which is actually an old-fashioned looking bus.
What a thrill to be on the bus! The seats were a bit slick, though, so mom had to hold on tight to Ellie (and her Cheerios) each time the bus stopped and started up again.
(In this one you can see the cute ponytail Ellie actually kept in for a few hours!)
And a mommy-Ellie self-portrait. Oh, and we also sang "Wheels on the Bus" while riding on the bus... It pretty much blew Ellie's mind.
We rode the bus over to Purdue and stopped at daddy's work. Ellie decided she should push the stroller at this point.
It was such a fun afternoon. The three of us walked over from Brian's office to pick up our race packets for a 5K we were signed up for on Saturday morning. And then we spontaneously decided to stay on campus for dinner. We went to a Mediterranean restaurant called Blue Nile, where Ellie showed down on some hummus and veggies. One of the owners had her 3-year-old daughter there at the time and they were very sweet to Ellie, offering her toys to play with and a lollipop at the end of dinner.

All three of us took part in a local 5K race to raise money and awareness for mental health organizations. It was a very fun event. Brian took off and clocked a very impressive PR at 23:05. I pushed Ellie in the stroller and still eked out a PR of 26:36. Most impressive, however, was that Ellie was able to hold on to her Cheerios along the course, which included a muddy and rutty trail through the woods. That was fun to slog through with a stroller...

We rounded out the weekend with an afternoon BBQ at our friends' Christine and Cory's house. They have four kids, including Max who is just a few weeks younger than Ellie, and that meant they were well-stocked on fun outside toys for Ellie to enjoy. She had an absolute blast!
Brian and I even took turns on the trampoline with her.
The older kids were very sweet with Ellie, taking her for a wagon ride and sharing toys. They didn't even mind when she raided their croquet game.
The afternoon ended in bacon-fest. Ellie suddenly decided that she liked bacon and proceeded to eat all that was left on the plate from the earlier bacon-burgers at lunch. Here she is deciding if she has enough left to share with Max.

A full, fantastic weekend for the entire family!

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