Monday, May 23, 2011

Clean sweep

Ellie and I decided to be civic-minded this past weekend. On Saturday morning the city of Lafayette held its annual Clean Sweep event, in which they outfit volunteers with garbage and recycling bags to go out to neighborhoods and clean up litter. Ellie and I walked over to the park in the morning to pick up supplies and then set off to clean up the streets around our neighborhood. Here are a couple shots from when Ellie and I stopped off at home for a diaper change. Here she is trying on the cleaning gloves they gave us... a bit big for Ellie, but the perfect size for mom (who did most of the picking up of trash).
Whew, Ellie already needs a rest, despite the fact that mom has been pulling her in the wagon.

And some rehydration...

Alright, Mom, I think I'm ready to head back out. Where's the trash?!

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