Sunday, July 3, 2011

23 months

Time for some bragging about our little girl, who's becoming more of a big girl every day.
Today she turns 23 months! Just one month left until we have a two year old daughter... and I may lose it.
I mean, look at this little baby to the right (who I'd already thought at the time had rushed way too fast through her first five months). There's no more pureed food or bottles or middle-of-the-night crying. Also gone are the days of neutral baby poop and no morning breath.
Less than a year ago Ellie wasn't even walking yet. Now she's running and jumping and trying to do headstands. Less than a year ago Ellie's vocabulary was almost non-existent. Now she chimes in on almost any decision.
What would you like for breakfast? Cheese!
What should we do this afternoon? Outside! Bus! Slide! Bike!
What should we have for dinner? Noodles!
Some of her favorite phrases are "no, mommy" and "no, daddy"... and she uses them frequently if either of us tries to help too much in an activity she wants to master on her own. (Or, often, if we're trying to steer her away from something she's not supposed to be doing.)
Even though it's sometimes exhausting lugging this almost-two-year-old around, I'm grateful she stills comes up and says "up?" and wants to cuddle — at least sometimes. Her periods of sitting still are far fewer than when she was five months old. But Brian and I are having so much fun watching and teacher her through this current phase. We love you, Ellie!(Here she is looking out over the world she plans to conquer, from the top of the Nebraska capitol building on our recent trip.)

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