Thursday, July 7, 2011

Play games, all sorts

Much to my own surprise, I let Ellie go on one of the kiddie rides at the park a few days ago. I'm not a big fan of the automated rides, and the helicopters made me nervous because some of them go up in the air at an angle. But, of course, that's the one Ellie HAD to ride on. The operator told me small kids were OK on it, and I was finally sold when I found out the kids have to move the bar on their own to raise the seat... which Ellie was not about to do. So after I strapped her in tight (seriously, I went back and loosened the strap a bit when I feared she couldn't breathe...) Ellie was off. And she loved it. And it was super cute. And we'll probably be riding the copters again soon.
Ellie is also getting into playing dress-up. Her favorite is when mom makes her a blanket or beach towel "dress," even though it comes undone pretty quick with all her running around. I also found her trying to put on her pajamas over her clothes today when she woke up from nap. And the other day she had her doll's shirt on her arm when we went in. Silly baby.

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  1. ...aaand now the song is stuck in my head. Thanks.

    BTW, dress up time looks like the funnest thing ever.