Thursday, July 21, 2011

Braving the heat

It's been unbearably hot this week. But one night Ellie talked us into a few minutes outdoors after dinner. She kept asking for an "ooonge," which is her name for a popsicle ever since she had an orange one. They're all "ooonge." Even this purple one which she was wearing half of by the time she finished. In her defense, the popsicle started melting as soon as it heard we were going outdoors.
Since she was already messy, we figured why not add some soapy bubble mixture to the fray. She loves to blow bubbles and has even gotten pretty good at producing some through the wand. She does put the stick right up to her mouth, however, so she winds up eating a healthy amount as well. Brian said she even blew one with just her mouth one time as she said the word "Muzzy!"

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