Friday, August 3, 2012


I don't even know where to start. In my head I've been trying to think how to summarize Ellie turning 3 in a top 10 or some other way, but there's no way. She's grown to become a million things -- good, bad and ugly. Mostly good, though. Sure, we see that glint of mischeif in her eye pretty often these days... and I can already tell she and Katie will be a devilish duo at some point :)
 But this baby girl of ours has grown into a real. big. person.
 Of course, some things don't change. I don't think she'll ever tire of getting soaked at the zoo fountains. I'm pretty sure I have this exact same shot from last year, though maybe not the year before (since she wasn't walking that summer... but I'm sure she was just biding her time).
 This goof knows how to crack us up, even when she's not supposed to be playing with her food or throwing toys down the stairs or lifting/swinging Katie in her jump-a-roo, or... the list goes on. We still have a hard time disciplining her sometimes because she's so darn cute.

 And a ham! Ellie has a soundtrack for life. On an evening walk with her this week I had to smile as I watched her bound ahead of me, galloping and singing about the princess dance she was doing. This girl might be stage-bound.
 But then again, she could probably do anything she wants to set her mind to. Ellie is fearless, in most cases, and smart and creative and energetic. While I imagine many more rises and falls in the upcoming year, and beyond, I honestly couldn't be prouder -- already! -- of this giant of a girl we brought into this world three years ago today. Lots of love and happy birthday wishes to our Ellie-belly.

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