Friday, August 31, 2012


Sorry, again, that I'm so blog-delinquent these days. Not enough hours in the day, etc...

The highlight (or low) this week was the trip to the doctor because of Katie's lingering cough. She's had this dang thing for over a month, but with no other symptoms (no fever, runny nose, etc). And the cough would intermittently improve and then backslide... so that's why we weren't in the doctor's office sooner. But this week it was really interrupting her sleep and so we headed in. The doctor said her chest sounded bad, and diagnosed some sort of bronchial spasm she was having. This could be caused just by the excessive coughing, or it could be an early sign of asthma. Obviously we're hoping for the first one, but we'll be monitoring her progress. She hasn't seemed to have a ton of trouble breathing, but the coughing is bad at times when she's been lying flat for a long period of time.
Anyhow, now she's on antibiotics to treat the likely underlying sinus infection (even though nothing is going out of her nose), and we have to give her an inhaler every four hours. If you haven't done it before, giving a baby an inhaler is not easy or fun. It takes both of us to hold the mask on her face and then pin her arms and hold her head to keep the medicine going in. But I do think it's helping! So hopefully our girl will be as good as new in just a few days!

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