Saturday, August 4, 2012

And, half a year...

No, we didn't overlook Katie's big 6-month mark on Friday. We even took the time to document her growth as compared to the huge tomatoes coming out of the veggie garden. (There's an almost identical picture of Ellie being measured next to Brian's tomatoes when she was a baby...)
It's unbelievable that half a year has gone by already. Slow down, Katie! xoxo, mom and dad
P.S. Better late than never... here is Katie's top 10 at the 6-month mark...

1. She's a big talker. No surprise in this family, really, but she is constantly jabbering and gets pretty loud when she's mad that you've left the room or some other slight.
2. Rolling-ish. She can certainly do it, but Katie isn't in any hurry to roll around yet. She'll get there.
3. Grabbing everything in reach. Watch out if you have her in your lap at the table, because plates, cups, utensils, glasses, napkins and everything else is fair game to this one right now.
4. Playing with her toes. Speaking of grabbing things, her toes top her list of favorites. Oh, and mom's hair. That's fun to tug.
5. Eating cereal. Katie is a champ at it. Can't wait to branch out on her menu.
6. Getting close to sitting up on her own. She still needs to work on her core muscles (ha!) but she can hold herself up in sitting for a very brief period and does pretty well being propped against stuff.
7. Smiling at her sister. Katie is a happy, smiley baby in general... but anything Ellie does is gold in her book. I love watching Katie's face light up when Ellie plays with and talks to her.
8. Pretty much done with nursing. We had a good run, but nowadays I can't even really get her nursing in the mornings. Her head cold in recent weeks hasn't helped. But she's still a healthy, growing girl... so we're not beating ourselves up 'round here. It's just the way it is.
9. Jumping. Katie is rarely happier than when she's in her jump-a-roo. She also must be enjoying the bouncy exersaucer at school, because I catch her trying to jump in the one we have here (despite the firmly planted sides). This girl can get some air, too. Video to come...
10. Absolutely amazing her mom and dad with her sweet, chill, radiant personality. What a precious second daughter we have!

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